What’s the Hot Topic of Conversation (from the back room)?

New! Chocolate and Peanut Butter Combos Here's some insight from the back office. What does the conversation consist of while we're working? If you answered food, you're right on. How to package food, display food, what kind of food you (as the customer) like to eat and then what kind of food we like to … Continue reading What’s the Hot Topic of Conversation (from the back room)?

Is Your Snack Attack Back (or Always Around)?

Graduation Gifts, Cards, and Deli Items! The reality is, it's the season for snacking. They say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". But I wonder if snacks don't play a part in that too. A snack keeps the booboos from hurting too much, boredom from overtaking, and work being interrupted. Whatever your reason, … Continue reading Is Your Snack Attack Back (or Always Around)?

Sneak Peek….See Behind the Scenes

Graduation Gifts, Cards, and Deli Items! Today I interviewed Jesse, my nephew AND co-worker. If you stop in Friday afternoons or Saturday, you may have met him. So, Jesse, when it comes to food, what is your favorite: Chocolate? Milk Chocolate Raisins Crunchy Food? Double Dip Peanuts Sweet Snack? Cappuccinos! Spicy Snack? Hot Beef Sticks … Continue reading Sneak Peek….See Behind the Scenes

5 Days and Counting….

Easy Gifts for Mom! Whether she birthed you, or loves you like she did, it's time to celebrate! Mother's Day is Sunday! We know men like food, but so do women, especially if they don't have to make it. Here's how we're making it easier for you: *Frozen Meals - 8 choices *Frozen Pastries - … Continue reading 5 Days and Counting….

How Can You Support the Local Businesses?

Details here! You’ve asked how you can support the local businesses. Here’s what’s going on in the local Fairbury Shops: Fairbury Furniture – open by appointment 815.692.3000, delivery available. Shop at http://www.FairburyFurniture.com Nature’s Design – open regular hours starting 5/4 Spotted Owl – shop online at http://www.shopthespottedowl.com. Check out Facebook and Instagram @shopethespottedowl Heart’s Desire … Continue reading How Can You Support the Local Businesses?

How Do You Define “Stuck”?

Soak Up the Sun on this Furniture! Stuck [stuhk] verb From my conversations today, it's how you feel. Past tense of 'Stick'. Such as Rock Candy on a Stick, Candy Sticks (12 flavors), Cinnamon Sticks, and then of course there's Beef Sticks, Pretzel Sticks and Sesame Sticks. It is hard to feel stuck. We're here … Continue reading How Do You Define “Stuck”?

What Food is Surprisingly Essential? (It’s not what you think).

8 Frozen Ready-to-Bake Meals Available I've noticed as we sort things into the category of "essential" or "non-essential" that deli items, flour, yeast, bread, pasta, hand sanitizer, and essential oils are essential. But do you know what else is very essential? CHOCOLATE! Yep! Whether it's Lily's Chocolate Bars, Brownies, Buckeyes, Double Dip Peanuts, or Chocolate … Continue reading What Food is Surprisingly Essential? (It’s not what you think).

8 Reasons to Smile Today!

Rice is Back in Stock Right now it's a good idea to ask every day - what do you need today to support your stress? *Eat Chocolate. Smile! Laugh! Or do all 3 with these super fun Chocolate Emojis!! (8 different face options). Plus many other chocolate choices! *Use Essential Oils. They so amazingly help … Continue reading 8 Reasons to Smile Today!

We’re Making Easter Baskets…and Shipping Them!

We Do: Call In, Curb side Pick Up, and have the Essentials! What are you thinking about today? *How to make life return to normal? *How to be safe? *How to celebrate Easter with the restrictions? *How to get the Easter baskets to the kids? All of those are valid thoughts. I can't make life … Continue reading We’re Making Easter Baskets…and Shipping Them!

Unnecessary, But Interesting Facts…

We have Flour, Yeast, Milk and Eggs! We all have these little random don't-really-need-to-know-them-but-do facts tucked away in our brains. Mine are how many slices of cheese are in a pound, that pumpkin can be typed with one hand, and how much gluten in flour equals how chewy or flaky the texture is. What random … Continue reading Unnecessary, But Interesting Facts…