Hidden Heroes & Mocha Munchers

There's so many unsung heroes out in the world. Today we're highlighting some of them: *Blueberry, Cherry and Lemon GelatinGreat in homemade play dough.*Biscuit Mix & Sugar Cookie MixGreat for copycat Red Lobster Biscuits & fast, easy cookies.*Mesquite Seasoning & Chicken RubJust in time for grilling season.*Squeezable Chocolate FillingCupcake filling or layers between cake.*Extra Course … Continue reading Hidden Heroes & Mocha Munchers

Our Birthday! 🍰 Your Treats {and Savings}!

50% off in Deli, 10% Off Furniture ... Happy Birthday to UsWed 4.14 to Tues 4.20Come celebrate with tasty treats and get a coupon for $10 off on your birthday!*Jar Goods Sale (Pickles, Peaches, Salsa, Jams, Fruit Spreads, Relishes) $2 off Quarts$1 off Pints50¢ off half Pints *Hard Salami - $3.29*Colby - $2.49*Furniture Sale - 10% off in stock or orders … Continue reading Our Birthday! 🍰 Your Treats {and Savings}!

Which Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth?

Low Carb Pizza ... My Grandma laboriously used to make chocolate candy at Christmas time. For days at a time, she would cook and stir and check the temperature of her conglomerations. Then when they were cooled, she'd shape them making each kind different. Then, of course, there was the chocolate coating which was done … Continue reading Which Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth?

What’s Hot? Drink Up This Story

*Easter/Spring Candy - Buy one, get one 50% off this week *Premade or Custom Made Easter Baskets*For Easter Brunch - Homemade Tasty Pastries - Cream Cheese or Red Raspberry Better-Braids Raspberry Iced Tea is a "hot item" here. (Even though it is chilled.) It's so popular it's "on repeat" for some regular customers. Recently a … Continue reading What’s Hot? Drink Up This Story

What’s It All About Today?

Easter Candy, Easter Bread, Sinus Relief ... Sometimes it's a story and sometime it's what's new. Today it's all about great things for you!! 'Tis the season for Spring and Easter. Put all your sweet, pastel treats into a basket or choose a pre-made one. We wrap them and add the bow! 'Tis the season … Continue reading What’s It All About Today?

Flash Play Set Sale – Save 10% – Ends Saturday

Best Price All Season! ... Attn: Parents & Grandparents! Flash Play Set Sale - 10% any order - Ends Saturday Best price all season! Call 815.692.3383 for pricing.Order must be placed by 4 pm Saturday.Half is due at order. Half at delivery.Free delivery and assembly within 40 miles of FairburyArrival time: late spring/early summer Sets … Continue reading Flash Play Set Sale – Save 10% – Ends Saturday

Is Spring Your Thing?

Spring & Easter Candy is here! ... Spring is in the air. Not only can you feel it (hello, wind), but you can hear it too. Hear Spring? Sure! I call those bird noises sounds of Spring.  I suppose you can even smell Spring. You sure can in here. Essential oil diffuser blends for the season have arrived. Try Spring Breeze (Orange, Spearmint & Lemongrass), Spring … Continue reading Is Spring Your Thing?

What Do You Think It BUTTER BE?

$1 off Butter ... I see kids playing outside on the play set today! It BUTTER BE spring!I see little Green Shamrock Shaped Sprinkles and Green Chocolate Covered Almonds. I see Corned Beef & Swiss Cheese is on sale this week. It BUTTER BE St. Patrick's Day!Quiche for breakfast? "Sounds good", you say, "but it BUTTER BE tasty". Try the … Continue reading What Do You Think It BUTTER BE?

Supper is Ready in 60 Minutes (with no prep!)

NEW Keto Items!! ... Have you had our frozen meals? There's nine choices and so many reasons to grab 'em.☑Sick☑Had surgery☑Going to the game☑Staying home to watch the game☑Tax season☑Don't like going out☑Long day at work☑Don't like to cook☑Live alone☑Don't like dishes☑Having guests☑Working in the field☑Need something fast & easy Now we're giving you a … Continue reading Supper is Ready in 60 Minutes (with no prep!)

What’s So Great about Our Coffee?

Free Chocolate with ANY Purchase... Sitting here with my cup of brewed decaf Country Cupboard Sugar Cookie coffee looking out at the snow and sunshine. I'm all warm and snuggy. It doesn't get much better than this.Not only do I love the taste of the coffee, I like how it makes me feel. They say "you get … Continue reading What’s So Great about Our Coffee?