4 Sensational Foods 4 Summer

Lemon Curd ... We should be able to pronounce the ingredients in our foods, right? Well, all except Quinoa. So is that quaNOah? It’s actually pronounced keenWA. Great for summer salads, for breakfast (like oatmeal or granola) and under stir-fry (like rice). (Recipe links included.) Quinoa is an upgrade from rice! Here's why: *naturally gluten-free*a complete protein containing all nine … Continue reading 4 Sensational Foods 4 Summer


Good-byes & Hello to Summer Cooking

Strawberry Shortcake Bread ... Once a month, I cook up a whole chicken. It's a menu on repeat. One because it's versatile. Two because it's easy. We eat the legs that night and use the leftovers in whatever recipe sounds good. Then we cook up the bones into broth using our Instant Pot. The broth … Continue reading Good-byes & Hello to Summer Cooking

Dr. Suess Visits the Country Cupboard

Make Salami into Chips! ... Dr. Suess didn't actually come to visit, but if he did, he may say something like this. What I saw and what I ate, was something yummy and very great. Toffee and coffee and raisins and craisins, Beets and meats and sweets and treats. Gummis, flour, and frozen meals which … Continue reading Dr. Suess Visits the Country Cupboard

5 Tips for Planning a {Graduation} Party

New Fudge Flavors!! Planning {Graduation} Party Food Estimate your guests. Typically 2/3 of who you invite will show up. Select of a menu with leftovers in mind. Things that can be made or purchased ahead of time make it easier. Also think about what needs served hot, cold and room temperature. A typical menu for … Continue reading 5 Tips for Planning a {Graduation} Party

5 Easy Gifts for Mother’s Day

Seasonal Allergy Supports + Grad Deli Trays ... Mother’s Day is Sunday the 14th! Whether she birthed you, or loves you like she did, it’s time to celebrate! Who knows better how to cook than Mom? And since that's the case, we're helping you give her the day off in the kitchen. Here’s how we’re … Continue reading 5 Easy Gifts for Mother’s Day

Specializing in “Free”

Child Size Furniture ... Did you know? "Free" is our specialty. Yes, of course, free as in discount. But also dairy free, sugar free, carb free, gluten free and so on. What are you looking for, or maybe in this case, NOT looking for, we can help you with. *Dairy FreeChocolate ChipsCheese(s)Milk(es)Baking MixesCookiesHot Chocolate *Sugar … Continue reading Specializing in “Free”

You Get the Gift/Savings! Happy Birthday to Us!

Different Sale every Day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! We're turning 10! It's our party, but you get all the prizes, treats and gifts! There's a special sale planned for each day! All Week – Enjoy Treats & Prizes (sign up to win a free gift basket). Wednesday – Free Meal (snacks, cookies, bottled water) with $4.99 Sandwich (served all day) Thursday – $2 … Continue reading You Get the Gift/Savings! Happy Birthday to Us!

5 Reasons It’s the Season for Apple Cider Vinegar

Birthday Sale 4/19-25 It's the Season for Apple Cider Vinegar 1. Antibacterial (helps with bad breath and overgrowth of bacteria in the throat (think: tonsillitis or strep throat)) 2. Regulates Digestion (elimination, nausea, heartburn, reflux) 3. Relieves Sinus Pressure and Allergies 4. Detoxifies the Body (great for spring) 5. Enzymatic (helps digest food. Drink 1 T. before your meal) How to Drink It  … Continue reading 5 Reasons It’s the Season for Apple Cider Vinegar

4 Ways to Celebrate Easter

Sugar & Dye Free Gummies The origin of Easter is based on Jesus' resurrection, so some celebrate Easter by a worship service. If you keep Jesus as your focus, we'll join you in that! Some gift children Easter baskets, and some hunt for Easter eggs filled with candy. If that's how you celebrate, find your candy and basket … Continue reading 4 Ways to Celebrate Easter

Do You Eat the Rainbow?

Cheeseburger Macaroni When I was in high school, I remember watching commercials on Channel One News at school. One I remember was said in a whispery voice: "Skittles - Taste the Rainbow". In this decade, we are told to "eat the rainbow". That can be interpreted as eating a variety of colorful veggies. It can … Continue reading Do You Eat the Rainbow?