Fresh Donuts Today

You waited all year for this.... Free Coffee & SamplesEnjoy your Donuts Outdoors while the kids play!Homemade fresh 59¢ Donuts*Glazed*Pumpkin*Salted Caramel*Allergy Friendly Pumpkin (free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, peanuts)Deli $ales:Hard Salami $4.99Virginia Ham $3.99Marble $3.29Green Onion $3.09Jar Goods $ale (Pickles, Peaches, Salsa, Jams, Fruit Spreads, Relishes) $2 off Quarts$1 off Pints50¢ off half Pints

Homemade Donuts (Pumpkin, Salted Caramel, Glazed) – Saturday

Stock Up on Hot Drinks! ... What's your favorite thing about fall? Or rather, one of your favorite things? Do you get excited about hot drinks? Teas, coffees, hot chocolate.... Maybe you think about The Country Cupboard for your deli needs or to satisfy your sweet tooth, but our hot drink selection is hot. (No pun intended!) … Continue reading Homemade Donuts (Pumpkin, Salted Caramel, Glazed) – Saturday

Does Your Flour Have Power?

Order Apples by Friday ... Did you know the amount of protein (gluten) in the flour makes a difference on how crusty/flaky your baking is?Of course there's All-Purpose and even Bread Flour. But did you know there's flour for making Pastries & Pies? (Hello, Flaky!) And how about Pizza Crusts? (Hello, Chewy!) I love using Soft White Wheat for pancakes, muffins and … Continue reading Does Your Flour Have Power?

Do You Have {Back} Pain?

Donut Day is Coming! ... Back Pain - seems to be the hot topic lately. Not a fun one though, of course.You can live with it, but you don't have to.Here are a few simple steps to help you feel better: Rub in a small amount of Deep Blue on the painful spot. Repeat every 15 minutes … Continue reading Do You Have {Back} Pain?

The Bread Dilemma

Do you ever have these bread problems?*Your bread goes "bad" because you can't use it fast enough?*You want something more tasty than just the traditional $1.99 loaf?We have solutions for you with our loaves of tasty homemade bread! It freezes well so it won't go bad.3 options: White, 7 Grain or Italian Parmesan (customer favorite). … Continue reading The Bread Dilemma

Free Meal With Sandwich Purchase

NEW! Outdoor Eating Area It's time for one last hurrah! Before Back-to-School and while you are out at the Fairbury Fair...Stop by for our "Buy A Sandwich, Get a Meal FREE"! (Meal is Chips or Macaroni Salad, Cookies & Bottled Water) $3.99 all week Our new outdoor eating area is perfect for you and a friend or … Continue reading Free Meal With Sandwich Purchase

Lunch in 4 Minutes

It's one of those days when you're prepping food and something doesn't seem right. The recipes is confusing and it's so frustrating! What to do? Call Mom, of course! These days we can also google things. Sometimes Mom and google aren't enough. When you have food questions, such as: Which flour should I use for-pie … Continue reading Lunch in 4 Minutes

When Life Feels Complicated, Get Answers, Products – Fast! Here!

Make your life easier with The Country Cupboard! We offer frozen meals, unique items, canning supplies and snacks for your summer road trip. We are the place to come when life is complicated and busy! We not only have the products, but help you decide what is best for you and how to use it! Favorites … Continue reading When Life Feels Complicated, Get Answers, Products – Fast! Here!

Have a Teeny Weeny Too Much Zucchini? (2021 Edition)

In your time of need, we're here to make life easier! Canning (and freezing). All that work in the summer for a life of ease in the winter. It's worth it though, isn't it? For cucumbersPickling SpiceTurmericDill WeedDill SeedMustard SeedFor tomatoesMrs. Wages mixes:Hot, Mild or Medium SalsaPizza SaucePasta SauceChili BaseFor peaches and applesauceSugarXylitolFruit pectin (regular … Continue reading Have a Teeny Weeny Too Much Zucchini? (2021 Edition)