Super Summer Sippers

Order Blueberries Looking for something Cold and Tasty to Sip this summer? Switch up your drink options. Go for these Smoothie Mixes. They are easy! 1 scoop of mix. 2 cups of water. 3 cups of ice. Flavors: Strawberry Banana Peach Mango Wild Mountain Raspberry Iced Java - my favorite!! We make your life easier, … Continue reading Super Summer Sippers

10 Gifts for Dad

We have Fruit Preserver Ten Tasty Treats for Dad SalamiFudgeChocolate Covered PeanutsChocolate Caramel Peanut ClustersSmokey Bacon MayoSteak, Chicken or Fish RubMild or Hot Beef SticksPickled Baby BeetsMixed NutsDeep Blue Rub (for sore muscles) Pre-made gift baskets available. Or pick your items and we'll make your custom basket. LATEST & GREATEST:  TARRAGON NEW! Smells like a … Continue reading 10 Gifts for Dad

Why are Bagels Dense and Chewy?

Father's Day Gift Baskets It's time for another "Did You Know?" The difference between light and flaky pie crusts and dense bagels is the protein (or gluten) in the flour. (And the other ingredients, of course.) The more protein, the denser and chewier the outcome. You don't have to know which flour is best for … Continue reading Why are Bagels Dense and Chewy?

What Makes Your Mouth Water?

Seasonal Treats Whether it's a typical meal or time for a celebration, we help make your life easier and tastier. What's in Season? Just twist and eat! Pickles: Sweet Garlic, Dill, Bread and Butter Relish: Sweet or Hot Pickled: Beets, Asparagus, Okra Salsas: Hot, Mild, Black Bean, Corn, Peach or Cherry Squirt - a little or a lot Mayo: Smokey … Continue reading What Makes Your Mouth Water?


Easy Filling Snack Bites What are Currants? As I enjoyed these small morsels lately, I would describe them like this: *smaller than raisins, more like dried blueberries *less sweet than raisins with more of a blueberry taste If you are reading between the lines, you can substitute currants for blueberries. They taste just as delicious, … Continue reading Currantly…

Rad Gifts for Grads

Need a Graduation Gift? What about a college student food basket? Soup mixes Taco supper mix Pancake/Waffle mixes Mac 'n Cheese Cheese, crackers, beef sticks All graduates love snacks and candy. Chocolate, pretzels, or gummis. Or let them pick their own gift by giving them a gift card. Here's an idea for a cute graduation cake … Continue reading Rad Gifts for Grads

Dandy Candy for Parties

Order Grad Deli Trays Now 'Tis the season for weddings, showers & brunches. Whether for baby, bride, birthday or mom, love is sweet. Celebrate with a Candy Charcuterie. These days a candy bar isn’t just a chunk of chocolate anymore, it’s tons and tons of sweet little choices. Make a fun display full of Sprees, Mints, … Continue reading Dandy Candy for Parties

6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

2 Winners! To all who joined our Birthday Celebration - Thank you! Frozen Meal Winners Kris Gadbury from PontiacAbby Stone from Cresent City Mother’s Day is next Sunday! Whether she birthed you, or loves you like she did, it’s time to celebrate! We know men like food, but so do women, especially if they don’t … Continue reading 6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What “Butter” is Better?

Garage Sale Here - Fri & Sat ... For most of my life, "butter" has meant butter. The creamy, smooth, yellowish food that comes from a cow. But as food allergies popped up on the scene, "butter" now has multiple meanings. The creamy, smooth yellowish food from a cow is one. But peanut butter, almond … Continue reading What “Butter” is Better?