15 Min PB Pretzel Bites + What’s New on the Farm

Have you noticed when you are around someone long enough you'll pick up their lingo? Age doesn't matter.I've started saying "it's okay" when there's a little mistake. I picked it up from a four-year-old. But she picked up a phrase from me too. We do tend to rub off on each other. We even let … Continue reading 15 Min PB Pretzel Bites + What’s New on the Farm

5 Ways of “New”

New Lily's Product!! New beginnings.New foods.New efforts.New techniques.New rewards. Whether it's a reset of diet or routine or a desire to eat something different, it doesn't have to be January for us to help you with your "new". But since January is a good time. Stop by! We have personal experience with many diets, lifestyles, … Continue reading 5 Ways of “New”

Our 12 New Favorites for 2020!

50% off Christmas Items If you spend time around kids (or even big people), you’ll see the trend of hesitation when something new is in front of them. As they look at it (in this case, let’s talk about a new food), you can read their thoughts. Should I try this or not? What will … Continue reading Our 12 New Favorites for 2020!

16 Last Minute Easy Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Meat & Cheese Trays You may be eating Peanut Brittle Pie (recipe below), but we'll be eating birthday cake when you read this. We have two birthdays here this week: Sunday the 20th and Wednesday the 23rd!I've learned when I'm feeling stressed, I can't be creative. Does that happen to you too? Is this a … Continue reading 16 Last Minute Easy Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

3 C’s, 3 M’s and 3 D’s

Salted Caramel Maple Pecan Pie Bars These days you can read emails and texts and social media posts, but does anyone just still love reading something you can hold in your hands? I was at Heart's Desire recently reading cards. It was so therapeutic, especially the funny ones. We even have some of them here … Continue reading 3 C’s, 3 M’s and 3 D’s

Holiday Celebration – Fri & Sat

Easy Homemade Peppermint Patties Fairbury Holiday Celebration - this coming Friday and Saturday! Stop in for a free Christmas cookie!*Browse Gift Baskets!*Pick up your assorted Christmas Cookies plates filled with Sugar Cookies, PB Blossoms, Chocolate Sandwich Cookies and Chocolate Covered PB Crackers. *Springerle cookie plates also available.*View 2020's Gingerbread House loaded with The Country Cupboard's candy … Continue reading Holiday Celebration – Fri & Sat

50% Off Black Friday Sale

Yummy Stuffing Recipe It's definitely Christmas shopping time here and it's a good idea too!! That word, that one that I won't mention, that's changed everything this year, well, it's affecting our inventory. Our supplies on some items are limited, so shop early!! For the person who has everything. Or for dad or mom who … Continue reading 50% Off Black Friday Sale

Why Are We Talking About the “Love Language”?

Order Employee/Vendor Gifts Now I have a friend whose "love language" is "food". She likes to be gifted it, but mostly she just likes to eat. I was thinking today how food can be anyone's love language. If the one you are blessing is "Gifts", then it's easy. Anything from The Country Cupboard works. If your friend … Continue reading Why Are We Talking About the “Love Language”?