Warning: Chocolate Recipe!

Looking for a good-tasting-good-for-you snack? Have you tried our Crisp Veggie Chips, a combination of sweet potatoes, squash and carrot chips mixed with crispy green beans? They have only 130 calories per serving. Or maybe you'd rather just have a bag of green bean chips or our new item - beet chips! All of these … Continue reading Warning: Chocolate Recipe!

It’s an Extra-Ordinary Meat and Cheese Special week!

Do you ever feel just "basic"?    We sure do. Bread, milk, eggs, lunch meat, snacks - the basic needs of life. When you are feeling "basic", make The Country Cupboard a quick stop. We can help you find those things and a whole lot more. Speaking of more, did you know we now have … Continue reading It’s an Extra-Ordinary Meat and Cheese Special week!

Play, Eat and Win our contest!

Hello! It's Jello time! Did you know we have two different types of bulk gelatin here? Most of our gelatin's are the traditional, just like jello, but we also have a natural version. What is the difference you'd like to know? Well, I'm glad you asked. The natural version uses unrefined cane sugar and no … Continue reading Play, Eat and Win our contest!

Jellies and Jams and Sugars – Let’s Can!

Can Can Canning time  It's that time of year again. Time for a ton of work and lots of satisfaction. Time to begin thinking about food for winter. We have what you need for canning:  jars, lids, fruit pectin, clear jel, corn starch, thermflo, sugars, honey, and stevia. Some of these don't need an explanation, … Continue reading Jellies and Jams and Sugars – Let’s Can!

Have a Berry Great Picnic!

Let's Celebrate!  Did you know that July is Picnic Month? It's also Berry Month, Grilling Month, Ice Cream Month and Horseradish Month. Here at The Country Cupboard, we're celebrating several of these. Check out our ice cream topping ideas for Ice Cream month and our picnic supplies for Picnic Month. We have an easy macaroni … Continue reading Have a Berry Great Picnic!