What Does “Chill” Mean to You?

Ice Cream Sundaes & Relaxation? Is "Chill" a Word in Your Vocabulary? She's so chill; nothing gets her upset. I'm tired tonight; let's stay home and chill! Do you have a thought about what we eat? No, I'm chill! Maybe life right now is causing you to chill. Maybe you are in-between, waiting, resting. If … Continue reading What Does “Chill” Mean to You?

Our Furniture Family Has 5 New Members….

...and More Color Choices! We're ready for summer, are you? Even though the weather is not hot (yet), this furniture is. These 5 new pieces are chosen just for you to relax and enjoy life! *Watch the kids or sunset from either the 5' Glider or 2' Swivel Glider. Eat lunch on the Picnic Table. … Continue reading Our Furniture Family Has 5 New Members….

And the Winner is…

Great Gluten Free Tips & Recipes Do you know someone who eats gluten free? Have you ever had to cook (or bake) for them? Did the thought give you high blood pressure? Living with someone who has a food allergy I see this all the time. People want to be accommodating, but it is super … Continue reading And the Winner is…

Only 3 More Day Until Our Lawn Party Begins….

Don't Miss the Savings, Sips or Samples! Friday & Saturday What are some of the most common questions I am asked? Let's start with my favorite items. (By the way, everyone likes to express their opinion. So if you are looking for conversation, asking about a favorite is a good question.) What is your Favorite … Continue reading Only 3 More Day Until Our Lawn Party Begins….