Our History

We’ve been using bulk food stores all of our life as there was a handful of them near our house in Ohio. We went there for our meats, cheeses, spices, nuts, sprinkles, pie-fillings, gummies, and many other things. When our family moved to Illinois in 2006, we missed having a store like this close by. Often when we went back to Ohio to visit family, we’d drop in at the bulk food store. One of the men there, Jake, would often joke that we should start our own in Illinois.

Fast forward several years, Dale was again looking for full-time work. God opened the door and with much research, time, prayer and work, The Country Cupboard began.

Our Family & Staff

You will mostly see the Dotterer family when you come to the Country Cupboard. Dale and Elaine are the owners. The rest of the family, Bonnie, Becky, Andy and daughter-in-law, Val have invested time and made this a family effort. Andy and Val have eight children who love to come help. You’ll see them there, in their little aprons, bagging food, stocking shelves or ringing out customers. It’s a great place to learn social skills and to count money.

Dale will be there almost every day. If you have a special request for an item, he’s the one to talk too.

Bonnie works out the technical kinks and helps out a couple of days.

Ruth Edelman rolls out the dough – whether bread dough for the bread or cookie dough – and is happy creating tasty food for you. Stop by on Wednesday or Saturday to say hi.

Lynette Edelman specializes in sugar cookies and smiles. You can see her Monday and Saturday.

Jesse Dotterer will make your sandwich, answer your question or ring you out. He’s a pro at new ideas and making the work place fun.

Elaine and Becky fill in when needed.