Celebrate New Beginnings with Chocolate!

Are Wedding Bells Ringing? Did you know The Country Cupboard can help make your wedding amazing? We have candy, nuts, mints, chocolates, colored m&ms and many other items available in large quantity for a discounted price. Just because you've never seen it at The Country Cupboard doesn't mean it's not available. Stop by, ask to … Continue reading Celebrate New Beginnings with Chocolate!


Orange You Glad Spring is Here?

Spring is Here & Easter is Coming! We have a sweet way to welcome the warmer weather. Are you looking for Easter basket ideas? Sprinkles for sugar cookies? Mints to serve to your guests after dinner? Festive candy for a pretty little glass dish? Stop by The Country Cupboard. Along with sprinkles and jelly beans, … Continue reading Orange You Glad Spring is Here?

What do Green, Spring & Pie have in Common? [Answer Inside]

3.14.15, 3.16.15 & 3.17.15 There are three special days coming this week. Do you know what they are? One is obvious, one takes a little more figuring and the last one I'll just tell you so you don't have to think. After all, with all the birthdays and appointments happening this week, who has time … Continue reading What do Green, Spring & Pie have in Common? [Answer Inside]

Lemon Drops Return + 10 Great Gluten Free Mixes

Back in Stock... The ever so popular lemon chips have returned and we now can have Lemon Drop cookies again. YAY! If you haven't tasted them before, they are a delicious lemon white chocolate cookie. Stop by the store for the recipe and your bag of lemon chips.   Scoops of News Our vendor has … Continue reading Lemon Drops Return + 10 Great Gluten Free Mixes