Baked Seasonal Treats Inside

  Heat & Eat or Just Eat  This week we are introducing some new "The Country Cupboard" Bakery and Meal items. Looking for an quick, easy and yummy breakfast? Stop by The Country Cupboard and pick up a frozen Sausage Egg Casserole. Just thaw overnight, bake in the morning and enjoy. Also, just in time … Continue reading Baked Seasonal Treats Inside

Be in the Know about Figs, Dates, Prunes and Better Braid!

Better Braid Have you heard of Butter Braid? You know, the delicious pastry bread often sold as a fundraiser? We make it here at The Country Cupboard. It WAS known as the Danish Twist, but now it's Better Braid. Why Better Braid? Because we've been told it's better than Butter Braid. Now available frozen. Take … Continue reading Be in the Know about Figs, Dates, Prunes and Better Braid!

See our Great Harvest Yields

Awesome Autumn Harvest is in full swing. There are combines and dust everywhere. We have our own version of harvest happening here at The Country Cupboard. Stop by and see our food pairs which "yield" a great taste when "combined". Think peanuts + candy corn, chicken + noodles, soup + crackers, sweet potato tortilla chips + … Continue reading See our Great Harvest Yields

Here comes November (and Hazelnut Cappuccino)

It's Almost November Do you know what that means? A new flavor for Cappuccino of the Month - Hazelnut! Sample hazelnut cappuccino on Fridays and Saturdays all month. Save 50¢ a bag any day! November also means the start of Christmas here. Join us and other shops around town on Monday, November 3rd for "Intro … Continue reading Here comes November (and Hazelnut Cappuccino)