We Have a New Look (with more pictures). Peek At It Here!

Yep! It's still The Country Cupboard Newsletter. We're excited to share more New, Favorite or Back-in-Stock items, post more pictures and make it easier and faster to read. It's hot out, but it's time to think about freezing (and canning)! We have what you need. Cucumbers: Dill Weed & Seed, Salt, Pickling Spice, Mrs. Wages … Continue reading We Have a New Look (with more pictures). Peek At It Here!


Cozy, Comfort, Cappuccino and Christmas

Hey Trim Healthy Mamas! We now have Sunflower Lecithin. Hmmmm, $3 for a cup of cappuccino or $3 for a bag of cappuccino mix (apprx 9 servings). What will it be today? Yes, the bag is cheaper and it's also easy. You don't have to leave your home. Just heat some milk, stir in the … Continue reading Cozy, Comfort, Cappuccino and Christmas

Super Great Savings – up to $3 on 3 Favorites – Marble Cheese + Virginia & Honey Ham

So by now the holidays are behind us and the new year is upon us. Many of us are thinking about doing better with this and that. Some of the 'this and that' includes our eating and our health. Here at The Country Cupboard we can help you with that. Did you know we have … Continue reading Super Great Savings – up to $3 on 3 Favorites – Marble Cheese + Virginia & Honey Ham

New Year’s Snacks + a Cold Fighting Soup recipe

How do you bring in the New Year? With food, of course! How about lots of snacks, crackers, cheese and dips? We have some amazing savory dips:  Southwest, Bacon & Horseradish, Cheddar Ranch, Garlic & Onion, Hot Pepper or Alpine Spinach. All of these are delicious with crackers, pretzels or as sandwich spread. Starting next … Continue reading New Year’s Snacks + a Cold Fighting Soup recipe

Gobble Up our Turkey Savings!

How can it be only a week and half til Thanksgiving? The weather has fooled us to think the holidays are still a long way off. Are you running behind? Stop by to find things to make your Thanksgiving easier. We have gravy mixes, instant potato flakes, and easy-to-make peanut butter, mocha, lemon or blueberry … Continue reading Gobble Up our Turkey Savings!

{Enclosed} Upcoming Holiday Fun!

It's not quite time to say "Merry Christmas" yet, but if you are an employer and want your employees to have a happy holiday season, it's time to start thinking about how you will accomplish that. We make happy employees here at The Country Cupboard. No, not like we make cookies, sweet rolls or sandwiches. … Continue reading {Enclosed} Upcoming Holiday Fun!

And the Winners are…

Drum-Roll, Please And here are the winners in our "Guess How Many" contest: Mini Baking Bits - Angela Herr Cheddar Sesame Sticks - Jesse Dotterer Grape Truffles - Heidi Kelson Gummi Dinosaurs - Cole Bazzell Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels - Nallely Cavazos Thanks to all who came out to our 2nd Anniversary Sale and Cook-Out. Our … Continue reading And the Winners are…

Gifts for Mom, Food for Grads and Great Savings for All

Chia Seed? Tell me what it is - again! You may wonder what chia seeds are and why they are so great. Chia seeds, native to Central and South America, look like poppy seeds. This superfood has great nutritional benefits with loads of protein, omega-3s, and promote healthy digestive tracks. They also contain calcium, iron … Continue reading Gifts for Mom, Food for Grads and Great Savings for All

So Many Raisins to Save

Did you know Tuesday, March 24 is National Covered Raisin Day? Yes, I know, who thinks up these things anyway? Maybe it's those people looking for some "spice" in their life. I like spice in my life, but I love chocolate. If you give me the choice between dark chocolate raisins, milk chocolate raisins or … Continue reading So Many Raisins to Save

Are You Blue? Us, Too!

Do you have the 'Winter Blues to the Moon'? So it is winter and chilly and snowy, but we're going to use that as an excuse to do something fun this coming weekend. Join The Country Cupboard and other shops around town for a special 'Winter Blues' event on Friday, 1/30 & Saturday 1/31. There … Continue reading Are You Blue? Us, Too!