What Does “Chill” Mean to You?

Ice Cream Sundaes & Relaxation? Is "Chill" a Word in Your Vocabulary? She's so chill; nothing gets her upset. I'm tired tonight; let's stay home and chill! Do you have a thought about what we eat? No, I'm chill! Maybe life right now is causing you to chill. Maybe you are in-between, waiting, resting. If … Continue reading What Does “Chill” Mean to You?

You’re Busy. We’re Busy Too – Helping You!

New Fall Class List Schedule Posted It's time for reality. I can tell. Between the stories you tell and what you buy, summer time is over. It's back to school, back to healthy eating, and tractor time. Lacking energy to get "back to"? Here are some options for you. Taco Supper and BBQ Apple Butter … Continue reading You’re Busy. We’re Busy Too – Helping You!