Have a Teeny Weeny Too Much Zucchini? (2017 Edition)

Here we are at Zucchini Season again or maybe it could be said That Annoying Green Thing Season. Even if you don't like zucchini, check out the salad recipe below. If you do like zucchini and need more recipe ideas, here are some from previous years:  Zucchini Crust Pizza, Zucchini Crisp, Zucchini Nachos, Zucchini Relish, Zucchini … Continue reading Have a Teeny Weeny Too Much Zucchini? (2017 Edition)


More Chocolate Arriving…

Do you like Sweet Summer Surprises? No, not bugs, weeds, or hot muggy days. How about things like splashing in the pool, popsicles and a star-lit walk? Or maybe you are thinking about food. In that case then, we have a sweet summer surprise for you:  Lily's Chocolate bars just arrived! With no sugar at … Continue reading More Chocolate Arriving…

The Latest & The Greatest of Snacks!

What's happening at The Country Cupboard lately? The blueberries have arrived; the peaches will be coming later in August (see below). There's an essential oil class coming up next week (see below). We now have glass water bottles and glass roller bottles and other essential oil supplies. We're hearing some amazing reviews from the little … Continue reading The Latest & The Greatest of Snacks!