Furniture Sale & S’more! 

It's next week already. Here's our Poly Furniture Sale. Save 10% on all in stock furniture for the month of October. Choose from Adirondack chairs, personal rockers, two person rockers and end tables. These are made from recycled plastic, have a 10 year warranty and there's a choice of colors.   How to Make a … Continue reading Furniture Sale & S’more! 

Pumpkin, Caramel and Whole Latte More

I made a trip to Mexico not long ago. I had a lot of tastes of real Mexican food with real homemade tortillas and even some fresh seafood. While  authentic Mexican and fresh seafood are harder to get in the States, I'm always satisfied with Fish Tacos (see recipe below). Not only are they tasty, … Continue reading Pumpkin, Caramel and Whole Latte More

End-of-Summer: Snack Sale!

If you're a kiddo, it's back to school you go. If you're a parent, it's time to think about lunches and snacks. With that on our minds, we're starting our End-of-Summer Sales. Watch for savings for the next few weeks. End-of-Summer Snack Sale: This week, buy 1, get 1 50% off any of our specialty … Continue reading End-of-Summer: Snack Sale!