Savor Summer! Sip Sweet Savings – Iced Tea Sale

Back to School Snacks - Cheese Cubes and Beef Sticks AUGUST 15 - 21 So here's a little secret. I haven't tasted everything at The Country Cupboard yet. But here's (one of the reasons) why - there's YOU! I just watch what goes out the door every day to see what tastes amazing! And Joe … Continue reading Savor Summer! Sip Sweet Savings – Iced Tea Sale

Can You Can, Can? We Can Help!

Canning (and freezing). All that work in the summer for a life of ease in the winter. Is it worth it? Most people think so! We're to help a little bit with all your summer work. For cucumbers and tomatoes, we have Mrs. Wages mixes (Hot Salsa, Mild Salsa, Pizza Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Ketchup, Chili … Continue reading Can You Can, Can? We Can Help!

B&B: Blueberries & Bacon

If July 4th is right around the corner, blueberries are right around the next corner. Yes, it's time! Place your order for blueberries today. They will arrive in mid-July. Michigan berries will be approximately $2.50 a pound. Indiana berries will be around $2.90 a pound. (Limit 40 pounds for IN berries). We also plan to … Continue reading B&B: Blueberries & Bacon

Fun, Fantastic, Favorite, Fudge…and Dad

Father's Day Fun Fun, Fantastic, Favorite and Fudge. All these words relate to Dad in some way, right? While fun, fantastic and fun fit easily with Dad, make Fudge too fit this Father's Day. Save $1.00 off of fudge this week. Choose from Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Turtle, Chocolate Peanut Butter or Sugar-Free Peanut Butter. If … Continue reading Fun, Fantastic, Favorite, Fudge…and Dad

Old Scenes, New Scenes and Ice Cream

Did you hear Mrs. Guggisberg passed away? You probably don't know her, but you may have heard of Guggisberg Baby Swiss cheese. It comes from Holmes County, Ohio and is the famous mild Swiss cheese many of you love. If you haven't tried it yet, stop in and ask for a free sample, it's delicious! … Continue reading Old Scenes, New Scenes and Ice Cream

Drink Up a Summer Sale!

Cool, refreshing drinks taste great on a hot summer day. I know some kiddos who will drink them any day of the year as long as they have a straw. My 3-year old niece named them "Smoodies" a few years ago and the name has stuck. Stuck so much in fact that little brother (now … Continue reading Drink Up a Summer Sale!

It’s Time for Canning & a Sesame Stick Sale!

¬† Ever been a stick in the mud? Do you live in the sticks? I'm sure there's many other sayings about "sticks" (and yes, you are welcome to share them with me). This week we're "stacking" up savings with our Sesame Sticks. Buy one bag, get one 50% off. Choose from Honey Roasted, Narrow (Regular), … Continue reading It’s Time for Canning & a Sesame Stick Sale!

What’s Banging and Booming at The Country Cupboard?

More Bang for Your Buck Have you tried our deli meat or cheese lately? You should hear the reviews we get. They range from "we won't let our friends bring deli meat from ... to the picnic, because we only like your meat" to "you have the best prices around for deli items". We like … Continue reading What’s Banging and Booming at The Country Cupboard?

Super Summer Snack Sale!

Let's Hit the Road¬† Whether under the guise of staying awake or allowing extra special treats, snacks are great for road trips. Sure we have candy - lots of it - but this week we're celebrating our new Salted Caramel Snack Mix, so buy one snack mix get another one 50% off! Pictured in this … Continue reading Super Summer Snack Sale!

And the Winners are…

Drum-Roll, Please And here are the winners in our "Guess How Many" contest: Mini Baking Bits - Angela Herr Cheddar Sesame Sticks - Jesse Dotterer Grape Truffles - Heidi Kelson Gummi Dinosaurs - Cole Bazzell Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels - Nallely Cavazos Thanks to all who came out to our 2nd Anniversary Sale and Cook-Out. Our … Continue reading And the Winners are…