Chocolate, S’mores, and Tailgate Snacks {Inside}

With football season here, we have a new snack to take along to munch. The Tailgate Crunch mix contains peanuts, almonds, cashews, rice crackers, sesame sticks and pretzel sticks.   And for all you chocolate lovers who prefer your chocolate with stevia instead of sugar, Lily's Chocolate Bars are back in stock. Choose from Crispy … Continue reading Chocolate, S’mores, and Tailgate Snacks {Inside}


New Muenster Jalapeno Cheese!

Life is full of trends. Some are predictable such as a child's excitement over their birthday or the interest in health as of January 1st of any given year. Things come and things go and we try (sort of) to keep up. Here at The Country Cupboard we're trying very hard to offer you non-gmo … Continue reading New Muenster Jalapeno Cheese!