Peanut Flour, Popsicles and Peaches

Here ye! Here ye! Calling all Trim Health Mamas...   Peanut flour has just arrived at The Country Cupboard. What is peanut flour you may ask? Peanut flour is essentially defatted peanut butter. They take most of the fat out of the peanuts and grind up what's left to create a flour. Peanut flour is low in fat, … Continue reading Peanut Flour, Popsicles and Peaches

Make Your Summer POP!

What Can Make Summer Better? Brand new at The Country Cupboard this week: Italian Dressing Mix - a fast, quick way for homemade salad dressing or marinade. All Natural Lemonade Mix - an easy refreshing summer drink without white sugar. Just add water! Coconut Bon Bons - coated with flavored fondant these little chocolate, lemon, … Continue reading Make Your Summer POP!

Fun, Fantastic, Favorite, Fudge…and Dad

Father's Day Fun Fun, Fantastic, Favorite and Fudge. All these words relate to Dad in some way, right? While fun, fantastic and fun fit easily with Dad, make Fudge too fit this Father's Day. Save $1.00 off of fudge this week. Choose from Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Turtle, Chocolate Peanut Butter or Sugar-Free Peanut Butter. If … Continue reading Fun, Fantastic, Favorite, Fudge…and Dad

And the Winner is…

It's officially summer here at The Country Cupboard since the "ice cream" arrived. And what cold treats they are. Almost makes you want to mow the lawn in the blazing hot sun just so you can enjoy something cold afterward. Because our Strawberry Fruit Bars are just 3 ingredients (fruit, water and a little bit … Continue reading And the Winner is…