Lick This! Plus – Summer Vitamin Sale!

Last week, 14 wheels went round and round until they reached the new ice cream shop in Fairbury, Catton's Creamery. Two big people and lots of little people enjoyed some amazing tasting ice cream. Have you been there? Check it out here. Life can be tough for you allergy people, but I love discovering all … Continue reading Lick This! Plus – Summer Vitamin Sale!


What Does “Chill” Mean to You?

Ice Cream Sundaes & Relaxation? Is "Chill" a Word in Your Vocabulary? She's so chill; nothing gets her upset. I'm tired tonight; let's stay home and chill! Do you have a thought about what we eat? No, I'm chill! Maybe life right now is causing you to chill. Maybe you are in-between, waiting, resting. If … Continue reading What Does “Chill” Mean to You?