Fun, Fantastic, Favorite, Fudge…and Dad

Father's Day Fun Fun, Fantastic, Favorite and Fudge. All these words relate to Dad in some way, right? While fun, fantastic and fun fit easily with Dad, make Fudge too fit this Father's Day. Save $1.00 off of fudge this week. Choose from Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Turtle, Chocolate Peanut Butter or Sugar-Free Peanut Butter. If … Continue reading Fun, Fantastic, Favorite, Fudge…and Dad

Need a Quick Fix? Use A Mix!

Are you looking for easy, gluten and allergy free baking? How about mixes for Chocolate Cake, Waffle & Pancakes, Pizza Crust, or Brownies? There's also a Perfect Flour Blend and Italian Coating for fish or chicken. Namaste (Naa-Maa-Stay) means simply the best part of me wishes you well - in every way. This company's facility … Continue reading Need a Quick Fix? Use A Mix!