Gift Idea: Homemade Granola {Recipe Inside}

$8-10 Gift Bags Did you know we ship anywhere in the US? Lately it's been Texas, New Mexico, and Michigan. But if you ask for Florida, we'll say "no problem". And the best part - we ship flat rate* so the weight isn't a problem.   Now mostly this is a perk if you live … Continue reading Gift Idea: Homemade Granola {Recipe Inside}

Gobble Up our Turkey Savings!

How can it be only a week and half til Thanksgiving? The weather has fooled us to think the holidays are still a long way off. Are you running behind? Stop by to find things to make your Thanksgiving easier. We have gravy mixes, instant potato flakes, and easy-to-make peanut butter, mocha, lemon or blueberry … Continue reading Gobble Up our Turkey Savings!

Chocolate, Licorice and Fudge {Inside}

Are You in the Mood for Chocolate? I know there are some of you out there who don't like chocolate. That's hard to understand, because I LOVE chocolate. Come in and see our chocolate stash display which is filled with chocolate covered cashews, double dip peanuts and chocolate caramel peanut clusters. Are you allergic to … Continue reading Chocolate, Licorice and Fudge {Inside}

Scramble Dogs, Pizza and Wheat. What Do You Get?

Second Time Around Here we go again with more definitions, this time of flour. By the way, all of these are available at The Country Cupboard (along with all the sugars we talked about last week.) Types of Wheat Soft White Wheat Grown primarily in the Pacific Northwest, Montana, New York and Pennsylvania. It is … Continue reading Scramble Dogs, Pizza and Wheat. What Do You Get?

Say Sweet, Yum & Sale!

Celebrate Sweetest Day with our Sweet Sale Do you know the original reason for Sweetest Day? (Oct. 19th) The first Sweetest Day was October 8, 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio. It started with a candy maker named Herbert Birch Kingston who wanted to do something for the orphans and shut-ins in the city who he felt were … Continue reading Say Sweet, Yum & Sale!

It’s an Extra-Ordinary Meat and Cheese Special week!

Do you ever feel just "basic"?    We sure do. Bread, milk, eggs, lunch meat, snacks - the basic needs of life. When you are feeling "basic", make The Country Cupboard a quick stop. We can help you find those things and a whole lot more. Speaking of more, did you know we now have … Continue reading It’s an Extra-Ordinary Meat and Cheese Special week!

Play, Eat and Win our contest!

Hello! It's Jello time! Did you know we have two different types of bulk gelatin here? Most of our gelatin's are the traditional, just like jello, but we also have a natural version. What is the difference you'd like to know? Well, I'm glad you asked. The natural version uses unrefined cane sugar and no … Continue reading Play, Eat and Win our contest!

We have some Grill-y Great Cheese!

Let's Grill!  With the weather warming up, it's perfect for grilling season. We have some amazing cheeses to go along with your burger. Check out our Bacon Cheese, Green Onion Cheese, Habanero & Jalapeno Cheese or Cheddar Horseradish. All of these are prepackaged and available in our cooler. Top your burger with Red Pepper Relish … Continue reading We have some Grill-y Great Cheese!

Back to the basics – Bread & Milk…

Thank you!  It was a crazy, but fun two days. We met new people and said "hello" to many of you again. The winners of our two shopping sampler bags are Delores Headley, Fairbury & Bruce Sanders, Chatsworth. Thanks for coming and supporting us. We've been overwhelmed at the support the community has shown to … Continue reading Back to the basics – Bread & Milk…