So Many Raisins to Save

Did you know Tuesday, March 24 is National Covered Raisin Day? Yes, I know, who thinks up these things anyway? Maybe it's those people looking for some "spice" in their life. I like spice in my life, but I love chocolate. If you give me the choice between dark chocolate raisins, milk chocolate raisins or … Continue reading So Many Raisins to Save


Are You Blue? Us, Too!

Do you have the 'Winter Blues to the Moon'? So it is winter and chilly and snowy, but we're going to use that as an excuse to do something fun this coming weekend. Join The Country Cupboard and other shops around town for a special 'Winter Blues' event on Friday, 1/30 & Saturday 1/31. There … Continue reading Are You Blue? Us, Too!

Answers [and Questions] Inside!

As I sat down to write, I thought...not much to write about this week. Sigh! What could I possibly think of that might be interesting? After a little bit of pondering, I decided to answer the commonly asked question - how is the store really doing? Here's the one-word answer - well! But if you … Continue reading Answers [and Questions] Inside!

Have a Teeny Weeny Too Much Zucchini? (2014 Edition)

ACV Part B Last week we talked about the good in apple cider vinegar. Think it sounds great, but don't want to "gag" it down every day? We have another option for you. It's something called Yoder's Good Health. It has a cider vinegar base, but also includes apple juice, grape juice, ginseng, goldenseal, echinacea, … Continue reading Have a Teeny Weeny Too Much Zucchini? (2014 Edition)

Oh, Fudge!

And On It Goes... Our great big meat & cheese sale is so popular, we're continuing it for yet another week. The Virginia Ham and Tavern Smoked Turkey are two of our most popular meats. Come in and ask for a sample. We'd love to give you a taste. While you are at the deli … Continue reading Oh, Fudge!

Amazing Little Chocolate Bite Recipe – Inside!

Need a Graduation Gift? What about a college student food basket? We have soup mixes, beef 'n noodles, taco supper mix, biscuits and gravy mixes, pancake mixes and other great gift basket items. All graduates love snacks and candy. We have a lot of choices. Or let them pick their own gift by giving them … Continue reading Amazing Little Chocolate Bite Recipe – Inside!

Happy Birthday to Us! Help us celebrate!

Egg-actly 365 Days We've now been open for 365 days - today (Friday). It's been an exciting year for us and we hope for you, too. We started out with around 350 products. Now our product line is over 750. Plan to join us for our big anniversary celebration on June 6 & 7.   … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Us! Help us celebrate!

Fresh Baked Buns? Oh, Yum!

Have you tried our homemade buns recently? We've recently perfected the plain and italian parmesan bun recipes. These homemade sandwich buns comes in packages of 6. Eat a delicious sandwich at home or order Your Personal Sandwich at The Country Cupboard. Choose from plain, whole grain or italian parmesan. Little Scoops   Check out these … Continue reading Fresh Baked Buns? Oh, Yum!

Scramble Dogs, Pizza and Wheat. What Do You Get?

Second Time Around Here we go again with more definitions, this time of flour. By the way, all of these are available at The Country Cupboard (along with all the sugars we talked about last week.) Types of Wheat Soft White Wheat Grown primarily in the Pacific Northwest, Montana, New York and Pennsylvania. It is … Continue reading Scramble Dogs, Pizza and Wheat. What Do You Get?

Thank You! You are Sweet!

Thanks to all who attend our Gluten Free day. It was great to share and learn and eat together. We hope to have more special days like this in the future. We ran out of "new item" signs this week. Do you know what that means? We have over 20 new items here. Our gluten … Continue reading Thank You! You are Sweet!