Listen In On Our Debate

Order Peaches Now Today I had two "zebras" climbing on my desk. One had gray stripes and one had pink stripes. Both only had two feet though, so I guess they weren't really zebras.Sometimes it does feel like a zoo here though. While I don't hear lots of animal noises, I certainly can see them.In … Continue reading Listen In On Our Debate

One Amazingly Colorful Surprise {Inside}

Try Our New Pizza Cheese - On Sale This Week! Essential Oil of the Week:  Wild Orange - get a Free Roller Bottle with Purchase So what's the surprise? I'll admit. Sometimes my little surprises are not well receive by little people because, well, they just really aren't that great. I'm not always full of … Continue reading One Amazingly Colorful Surprise {Inside}

Easy, Peasy, but not Squeezy

We all like easy, don't we? Here in America, it's obvious we do. We have fast food, quick oil changes, instant rebates, baking mixes, frozen pizza, one-click purchases, and microwave meals.   Introducing Simply Meltz Easy - another easy food! This pasteurized cheese spread makes soup and life easy. Just put a slice on your burger, over … Continue reading Easy, Peasy, but not Squeezy