Comfort Food is Coming!

Thanks for Joining Us! Donut Day was once again a success.  If you missed it, stayed tuned for another round (donut) next year. With fall weather right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about Pumpkin Spice (and other flavors of) cappuccino, coffee, caramel and comfort food. I probably don't need to mention that … Continue reading Comfort Food is Coming!

Save on Salsa & Syrup + Get Christmas Gift Ideas!

Thanks! To all those who attended the Christmas open house - THANKS! We hope you had a fun and tasty day. We will continue to have samples & cappuccinos throughout the month of December. Our Christmas cookies will be available throughout December. You may also order cookies for a specific pick-up day.   Christmas Shop, … Continue reading Save on Salsa & Syrup + Get Christmas Gift Ideas!

Yes, We Can!

Summer is Here in Force Thankfully the weather has been amazing and the gardens look great. Not only are we thinking about freezing, canning and preserving all sorts of fruits and veggies, but we want to share some great ways to eat fresh produce too. Since the blueberries will be here shortly, check out the … Continue reading Yes, We Can!