Stay In or Cook Out?

The Perfect Cookout   On the beach, no flies, no mosquitos, no annoying noises or people. The perfect weather, good company, amazing food. Or Reality.... The little insects are buzzing, the kids are crying or yelling, and the weather is less than ideal. Yep, that's pretty much life! But hey, it's not a bad life. At least … Continue reading Stay In or Cook Out?


Can You Can, Can? We Can Help!

Canning (and freezing). All that work in the summer for a life of ease in the winter. Is it worth it? Most people think so! We're to help a little bit with all your summer work. For cucumbers and tomatoes, we have Mrs. Wages mixes (Hot Salsa, Mild Salsa, Pizza Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Ketchup, Chili … Continue reading Can You Can, Can? We Can Help!

Egg-actly What To Do With Leftover Easter Ham!

A Peek in the Pantry Come hungry. Digest good information and good food. Have you made it to any FREE Country Cupboard Peek in the Pantry cooking classes? We've had some fun evenings talking about food and eating together. Our upcoming class - Pies & Pie Crust is so popular it's already full. Don't worry … Continue reading Egg-actly What To Do With Leftover Easter Ham!