And the Winner is… + Announcing a NEW Thing!

So awhile ago we hinted at New (and renew) and Spring and Green. We've talked about Spring and Green already. This week it's time to share about something NEW. Not just a new little item, or a new little fact, this new thing has been in the works for a long while.   Introducing The … Continue reading And the Winner is… + Announcing a NEW Thing!


Easy, Peasy, but not Squeezy

We all like easy, don't we? Here in America, it's obvious we do. We have fast food, quick oil changes, instant rebates, baking mixes, frozen pizza, one-click purchases, and microwave meals.   Introducing Simply Meltz Easy - another easy food! This pasteurized cheese spread makes soup and life easy. Just put a slice on your burger, over … Continue reading Easy, Peasy, but not Squeezy

It’s a Whaley Big Circus Here

The excitement of Christmas is still in the air. Busy, happy people oooohing and aaaaahing over delicious food and fun ideas. It's been a great month of fun. And to keep the fun going, we're announcing the arrival of two new exciting items:  circus peanuts and whale-shaped cheddar crackers. We will you a very blessed … Continue reading It’s a Whaley Big Circus Here

Don’t Miss Our Anniversary Sale & Cook-Out – Friday & Saturday

School's Out! It's time to think about summer vacations, summer schedules, outside activities and picnic food! The Country Cupboard is definitely not a vacation spot (unless you want to sleep out under the stars), but coming up at our Anniversary Sale we have some great picnic food (including our "famous" macaroni salad) you won't want … Continue reading Don’t Miss Our Anniversary Sale & Cook-Out – Friday & Saturday

Celebrate your Mother with Cookies!

Tell Mom she's sweet this year. Make her some cookies or give her some baking chips (so she can make the cookies). This week - SAVE 50¢ a bag on baking chips - just for Mom. Choose from milk chocolate, semi-sweet, white chocolate, mint, peanut butter, cinnamon, triple chocolate, peanut lover's, butter pecan lover's, mini … Continue reading Celebrate your Mother with Cookies!

New Picks from the Pantry plus a Pancake Sale

Batter up! Our Pancake & Syrup Sale is this Friday and Saturday (4/11 and 4/12). What a great Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast idea! Try out our new kinds of pancake mixes! Buy a bottle of syrup (strawberry, red raspberry, butter pecan, regular or maple) and get a pancake mix (buttermilk, buckwheat, gluten-free, lemon, blueberry, … Continue reading New Picks from the Pantry plus a Pancake Sale