Would You Like a Free Sample? Visit the Deli {Experience Inside}

Try this Valentine Cake! It's a sunny wintery day in Illinois. Your drive today takes you passed The Country Cupboard. You see "Butter Cheese & Green Onion Cheese" on the sign for sale. Hmm, I wonder what that tastes like, you think. I know if I stop by I can sample it. You walk through the … Continue reading Would You Like a Free Sample? Visit the Deli {Experience Inside}

Easy Way to Eat Veggies + Use Fruit for Food Art

Upcoming Lawn Party & Celebrate Mom Sale For Mom:  Gift Baskets, Chocolate, Frozen Meals, Baking Mixes, Coffee, Skin & Health Care Items Someone asked me recently how to use Dehydrated Veggie Flakes. Because they "grow" back to full size in liquid I've always used them in soups, but hadn't given other options much thought. I … Continue reading Easy Way to Eat Veggies + Use Fruit for Food Art

Do You Want to See What’s New, New, New?

It's a new month (almost), and a new season (okay, so it has been for a while, but ...) We have a lot of new items here. So many that we're making a display of all of them.   Stop in and see: -Sour Tennis Ball Gum -Sour Strawberry Licorice -Peach Butter -Blueberry Butter -Trim Healthy … Continue reading Do You Want to See What’s New, New, New?

We have More Exciting News

RENEW is the word this week! We've spent the last few weeks wearing our construction hats to give you a new look in the store. We've rearranged items to make them easier to find, see and reach. Stop in and check out our new look! Plus stay tuned for a way to have fun and … Continue reading We have More Exciting News

More Chocolate Arriving…

Do you like Sweet Summer Surprises? No, not bugs, weeds, or hot muggy days. How about things like splashing in the pool, popsicles and a star-lit walk? Or maybe you are thinking about food. In that case then, we have a sweet summer surprise for you:  Lily's Chocolate bars just arrived! With no sugar at … Continue reading More Chocolate Arriving…

New Muenster Jalapeno Cheese!

Life is full of trends. Some are predictable such as a child's excitement over their birthday or the interest in health as of January 1st of any given year. Things come and things go and we try (sort of) to keep up. Here at The Country Cupboard we're trying very hard to offer you non-gmo … Continue reading New Muenster Jalapeno Cheese!

What’s Banging and Booming at The Country Cupboard?

More Bang for Your Buck Have you tried our deli meat or cheese lately? You should hear the reviews we get. They range from "we won't let our friends bring deli meat from ... to the picnic, because we only like your meat" to "you have the best prices around for deli items". We like … Continue reading What’s Banging and Booming at The Country Cupboard?

Introducing “Cappuccino of the Month” – Slurp & Save!

Happy October! Grab a cup of cappuccino and get comfortable. We have news to share with you. October kicks off "Cappuccino of the Month". Stop by any Friday or Saturday in October to sample some White Chocolate Cappuccino. Save 50¢ per bag all month. Try a different flavor every month. This is a great way … Continue reading Introducing “Cappuccino of the Month” – Slurp & Save!

We Found a {little} Honey for You!

Oh, Honey Since most of the bees froze this winter, local honey has been scare or not existent. We excited to share we found another supplier who has A LOT of honey. So if you are looking for a little honey or a lot of honey - stop in. It's available in the honey bear, … Continue reading We Found a {little} Honey for You!