Lots of Winners Here!!

See Who and What.... Is there a maximum amount of times a day to say thank you? Or maybe it's better said, is "thank you" enough to convey the message of your heart? I don't know the answer to those questions, but what I do know is we're grateful for your support these past 6 … Continue reading Lots of Winners Here!!

It’s Time for Canning & a Sesame Stick Sale!

  Ever been a stick in the mud? Do you live in the sticks? I'm sure there's many other sayings about "sticks" (and yes, you are welcome to share them with me). This week we're "stacking" up savings with our Sesame Sticks. Buy one bag, get one 50% off. Choose from Honey Roasted, Narrow (Regular), … Continue reading It’s Time for Canning & a Sesame Stick Sale!