Snow and Love and A New Perspective

Hurry! Everyone loves our Valentine's Day Candy and it's going fast!

Learn how Essential Oils Uplift Your Mood and Help with Stress
*Essential Oils and Emotions TH 2/15*


So what do you think about all this snow (again)? It is so beautiful, at least. Even if it’s cold and wet and makes driving challenging.


And if you’re a kid, the snow makes your day perfect! Drag out the sleds, the coats, the boots. Drag in the wet hats, gloves, the snow, the memories.


It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? (Well, and maybe responsibility too.) But really, perspective is mostly it, right?


And it’s good to have a perspective shift every once in a while.


So let’s think about today in the eyes of a child, or look at life beyond today. It makes the stresses, the to-do list, the hard things look different. Not so hard, not so forever.


It also makes Valentine’s Day look more lovely. It’s going to be here next Wednesday. The kids have been talking about it for a while. Maybe it’s an annoying day to you. Look at it differently this year. Take some time to treasure those you love and tell them.


Make cookies or treats, give them candy or hugs, eat or talk together. Don’t let life slip you by.


We can help with the cookies, treats, and candy here at The Country Cupboard. We can help with hugs and eating and talking too. You will just might have to do more of the work.


Try our new Cherry Twists (licorice) and Red Raspberry Gummi Bears. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Delicious Deli Deals

This sale runs for two weeks – until February 13th
Corned Beef – normally $8.49 – now $7.49
Colby – normally $5.39 – now $4.39
Bacon Cheese – normally $5.59 – now $4.59

Coming Up:  Cheese Tasting Day!

Saturday, February 24


Join us for our Cheese Tasting Day!
It’s time again to sample 25+ cheeses. Vote for your favorite cheese and win a free pound!
Buy 3 pounds of cheese, get a coupon for 1 pound free on your next visit.
Get our Meal Deal Lunch (sandwich, snack, cookies and water) for only $5.
Stay tuned for our Saturday Only Specials including great deli buys.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Scones

Makes 12 large    45 minutes + 45 min to chill
I’ve never met a scone I didn’t like, plus chocolate and cherries go together so well. Make this for a special Valentine’s Day treat!
2 & 3/4 Cups Flour + Extra for Stickiness*
2 Teaspoons Baking Powder*
1 Pinch Salt*
¼ Cup Sugar*
1 Stick of Cold Butter (1/2 cup)*
½ Cup Half & Half or Heavy Cream or Milk
½ cup French Vanilla Creamer + 1-2 tablespoons extra
¾ Cup Chopped Dark Chocolate*
¾ Cup Seeded & Chopped Cherries (Dried Cherries work too)*
* Ingredients available at The Country Cupboard
1. Preheat oven to 400° degrees. In a bowl sift together all of the dry ingredients.
2. Use your hands to crumble the butter into the dry ingredients. You want the butter crumbles to be small, about the size of a pea, & dispersed throughout the dry ingredients.
3. Next, fold in the ¾ cup dark chocolate & ¾ cup seeded & chopped cherries.
4. Then make a well, pour in your ½ cup of half & half and your ½ cup of French vanilla creamer, & gently combine. Make sure that you don’t over mix, simply make sure that all of the ingredients are evenly combined.
5. You can skip to the next step if you are in a hurry, but if you place the scone dough in the freezer for 30-45 minutes the butter gets nice & cold. That way there will be yummy pockets of butter in your scones.
6.Split the dough in half & place both halves on a well floured surface & using your hands shape the dough into round disks making sure it is about 1 & 1/2 inches thick. Putting a little extra flour on top of the dough when shaping it will help prevent stickiness.
7. Next, cut the dough into the perfect scone shape by using a pizza cutter. Place the scones on parchment paper and  brush each scone generously with French vanilla creamer. Place the scones in your preheated oven and bake them for 20 minutes. The scones are complete when they are lightly golden.
8. While the scones are cooling, this is the perfect time to make the French vanilla icing. Combine ¾ cup of powdered sugar & 3 tbs French vanilla creamer in a small bowl – if the icing is too thick add more french vanilla creamer, if it is too thin add more powdered sugar.
9. Finally drizzle the icing on your Dark Chocolate Cherry Scones & enjoy!

A Peek in the Pantry

Classes at The Country Cupboard
Digest good information and good food. You must preregister. Stop in, email or call to sign up. Space is limited.
*Using Essential Oils for Natural Solutions (Basic Class)
A fun, free class to learn what oils are, how they work and experience them for yourself. You must register in advance for this class.
Tuesday, February 27th, 6:30-8pm 
Thursday, March 15th, 6:30-8pm
Tuesday, April 10th, 6:30-8pm
Thursday, May 3rd, 6:30-8pm 


Essential Emotions and Moods – Make ‘N Take – $8
Deal with anxiousness, feeling down, overwhelmed or lack of motivation? Maybe you’re irritable, sad, or looking for happy feelings. This class teaches how essential oils can support your body’s emotions and mood. Experience with oils is helpful, but not necessary. Includes a make and take 5 ml Essential Oil Stress Blend.
Thursday, February 19th 6:30 pm 
Essential Oils for Moms and Babies – Make ‘N Take – $5
Your families might be generally healthy so why would you want to use essential oils? We have days where everything seems to go wrong, no one is getting a good night’s sleep and it’s overwhelming. We’ll share favorite oils for babies, pregnancy and birth, how to use and safety with using oils. Includes a make and take: Calm Mama, Calm Baby Blend. 
Tuesday, March 20th 6:30 pm 
Essential Oils for Moms and Babies – WEBINAR***
Your families might be generally healthy so why would you want to use essential oils? We have days where everything seems to go wrong, no one is getting a good night’s sleep and it’s overwhelming. We’ll share favorite oils for babies, pregnancy and birth, how to use and safety with using oils.
Wednesday, March 21st 10 AM, 3 pm central



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