Free Popcorn & Coffee Every Wednesday Through Feb 28

Why Free Coffee and Popcorn?

Mom always did a great job of redeeming the little moments. There were tea parties on little dishes on ho hum days. And little wagon rides on summery afternoons – just because. I remember her helping us make a fort out of logs. We played there for hours and hours – so I’m sure all her help wasn’t a lost cause. There were big things too – like vacations – but for some reason, I remember the little things a lot. She taught me life can be fun even on blah days.


And to many of us, January and February can be blah. The cold, the cloudy skies, the drab landscape. That’s blah to me!


So let’s redeem the blah. Free coffee and popcorn while you shop every Wednesday! Stop in. Smell it, taste it, love it. All just for you – to brighten your day!

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