Ready to Start the Holiday Season? Here’s a Sneak Preview for Monday’s Food Tour & Fun

Satisfy Your Tummy, Eyes, and Heart…and Your Friends, Too.
On Monday, November 6th, join the 2017 Holiday Food Tour sponsored the Specialty Shops!
Stop and enjoy the holiday cheer atmosphere at each shop. Enjoy some treats while you shop: 
Mini Cinnamon Rolls,
Whipped Honey,
Oatmeal Rolls,
Cheese balls & crackers,
Beef House Rolls with Jam,
Mini Cupcakes and more!
Enter a drawing for a beautiful Gift Basket collection of the shops (pictured here). Don’t miss stopping at Kilgus Farmstead, The Country Cupboard, Meyers Gifts, Heart’s Desire, The Spotted Owl, Serendipity, Fairbury Furniture, Lost Arts, and Once ‘n Again.
Stop in Monday from 8-5:30 and see our Christmas season items, gift baskets and tasty treats.

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