Celebrate New Beginnings with Chocolate!

Are Wedding Bells Ringing?

Did you know The Country Cupboard can help make your wedding amazing? We have candy, nuts, mints, chocolates, colored m&ms and many other items available in large quantity for a discounted price. Just because you’ve never seen it at The Country Cupboard doesn’t mean it’s not available. Stop by, ask to see our catalog and make your wedding great! Please allow 4 weeks for ordering and receiving.

We’re having a CHOCOLATE SALE!

Unless you hate chocolate, we have something on sale this week you’ll love! Choose from four different snack mixes:  dark & milk chocolate buckeyes, milk & dark chocolate covered coffee beans with coffee and cream almonds, almonds with m&ms and Reese pieces, or crunchy peanuts with chocolate-covered coffee beans and a bit of salted caramel. We’ve also added dark chocolate almonds or milk chocolate cashews to the line-up! Save $1 off each bag purchased (while supplies last).
Scoops of News

While the photo conveys the colors, it’s hard to see the baby rattle shape. Even if you’re not looking for a baby shower favor option, you’ll enjoy these bite-size crunchy tart candies.

Meat & Cheese Specials  – a Easter ham option – with great savings!
Provolone – originally – $5.59 – now $4.29
Marble (co-jack) – originally – $5.49 – now $4.19
Honey Ham – originally – $5.69 – now $4.19

Tavern Smoked – originally – $6.09 – now $5.19

Roasted Veggies on Greens

Spring is here, but maybe we’re not ready to put away the comfort food and pull out the salads. Here is a “recipe” that combines both comfort food and spring’s salads. I’ve ordered a few of these recently and concocted one of my own. While all of them have been so good, I really loved my creation with sautéed onions, toasted walnuts, and a honey mustard dressing over spinach.

Choose some of the following to roast:

Red peppers
Sweet potatoes
Brussel sprouts

Wash, peel, and cut into 1 inch pieces. Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast at 400° until light brown and tender.

While veggies are roasting, wash and pat dry your salad greens. I’ve tried kale, spinach, arugula or just some mixed greens.

Add roasted veggies to greens. Top with craisins, roasted pepitas, toasted nuts, or anything you love on a salad. Add your favorite salad dressing and you have a very scrumptious dish.

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