A Lovely Week, a Lovely Sale and a Lovely, Yummy Recipe!

Are you ready for a lovely Saturday? I am! Some little kiddos are coming over to my house for a Valentine’s Day brunch. We’re having sausage patties, fried eggs, and pumpkin donuts -all heart-shaped. Strawberry/blueberry smoothies (with straws) will top it off! The Country Cupboard is also ready for a lovely Valentine’s Day. We have sprinkles, gummi candy and lots of chocolate covered treats. Also, a brand-new item arrived this week:  buckwheat groats – a little heart-shaped grain – just in time for Valentine’s day. Use it for a creamy morning cereal, granola, pancakes or cake. Something else to love this month:  Creamy Caramel Cappuccino. It’s the Cappuccino of the Month so sample it every Friday and Saturday in February. Save 50¢ off a bag every single day. Check out our lovely snack sale & great prices on deli items below! We think you’ll love it!

In the Mood for a Snack?
We can help! Check out our Snak Stash snacks! With four gummi or four chocolate choices, we know you’ll find something yummy! This week, save $1 off any bag. Try Copper Tops (dark & milk chocolate buckeyes), Neon Rainforest (tangy gummi frogs), or Mocha Latte (milk & dark chocolate covered coffee beans with coffee and cream almonds).

Brownie Mix Truffles -Makes 3 dozen trufflesA fun, easy Valentine’s Day treat. ALL ingredients available at The Country Cupboard.

1 brownie mix + ingredients to make mix
12oz chocolate (semi-sweet, milk, dark and/or white)

Bake brownies according to package directions then cool completely. Do not overbake or sub out oil to make brownies low fat or they will not stick together. Cut off edges then fluff cooked brownies with a fork. Scoop out brownies by the tablespoon then roll into a balls and place on baking sheets lined with wax paper.Add chocolate to a microwave-safe bowl just big enough to hold it (makes for easier dipping) then microwave for 1 minute and stir. Microwave in 20 second increments, stirring between increments, until chocolate is melted. Dip brownie truffles in chocolate then transfer between two forks to let excess chocolate drip off. Transfer back to wax paper then add embellishments on top. Place into refrigerator to harden then package. Store on the counter or in the fridge.

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