Here’s the Top Ten + Iced Cappuccino

The Top Eleven

We know you’ve been waiting for our top ten items. Here the top eleven:
1. Prairie Gold Wheat
2. Rolled & Quick Oats
3. Light Brown Sugar
4. Ham Off the Bone
5. Muenster
6. Candy Lego Blox
7. Lady Finger Popcorn
8. Pretzel Balls
9. Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips
10. Dark Chocolate Almonds
11. “Lucky Charm” Marshmallows
Thank you for all who voted. We had a fun week celebrating!


Little Scoops of News

Kimmie Sunburst Candy Coated Chocolate Sunflower Seeds 6/5lb  Imported Ginger Slice Crystallized 11lb  Kerry School Bus Shapes 5lb Zerega's Nuggets (Radiatore) 2/10lb   Pretzels, Inc. Pretzel Rings 8lb  Maxim Alphabet Pretzels 28lb  Sunbutter Creamy 6/1lb  Imported Wasabi Peas 22lb  Richardson Original Gourmet Mints 30lb  Kervan Mixed Fruit Yogurt Gummies 10/2lb  Kervan Berry Mix Yogurt Gummies 10/2lb

Do chocolate-covered sunflower kernels, wasabi peas, yogurt fruit gummies, school bus sprinkles, or crystallized ginger sound delicious? We think so, too! What is crystallized ginger? This dried fruit has a spicy-sweet flavor with a moist and chewy texture that makes it a delicious snack. Add a piece to a steaming hot cup of tea for a unique taste, or use some in your baked good recipes to add a sweet spice to your usual treats. Also new for next week:  natural strawberry gelatin, blue cornmeal, homemade blueberry muffins (from our bakery). What is blue cornmeal? It’s non-GMO, chemical-free, and makes exciting blue corn bread!


One not-so exciting thing about spring is hot drinks are a thing of the past! What if you are in the mood for your favorite cappuccino? Well, we have an answer for you. Try these two variations of iced cappuccino below. They are scrumptious.

Iced Cappuccino – serves 1

1/3 cup of cappuccino mix

4 oz hot water

4 oz cold water

Dissolve mix in hot water. Add cold water and serve over ice.


Ice Creamy Cappuccino – serves 2

1/3 cup of cappuccino mix

3/4 cup milk
6 -7 ice cubes
Put all ingredients in a blender and blend on ‘crush ice’ until ice has crushed. Then set on ‘cream’ until smooth. Enjoy with a spoon or straw.

*If you like a more coffee/less sweet taste, add a little bit of instant coffee granules



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