Cheese Tasting Day – Saturday + Valentine’s Day Specials


Our Ch
eese Tasting Day is this Saturday from 8-4

We don’t want you to forget. Come hungry and try over 20 types of cheese. Buy 3 pounds of cheese, get a coupon for 1 pound free on your next visit. We have a Real Meal Lunch Deal for only $5. All our Specialty Cheese will be on sale, along with some of our other meats and cheeses. It will be another fun day at The Country Cupboard. Join us and bring your friends!

Super Cheesy (and easy) “Recipe”

Have you ever tried our Green Onion cheese? It’s one of my favorites. It’s one of your favorite’s too, we’ve heard. Try it on scrambled eggs or grilled cheese. It’s an easy way to liven up a traditional dish. Want a little heat (and who doesn’t in this weather)? The New Cheddar Habanero Jalapeno is fantastic. I just tried it this morning. I think it would be tasty on grilled cheese or scrambled eggs.

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!

We still have some delicious treats, including individually wrapped chocolates. Make the day even more special by saving money! Buy one, get one 50% off on select candy. Get a bag for someone sweet and get one for yourself!


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