We’ve Been Busy Baking and Making…Here’s the Results!

In honor of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and our Christmas Open House

 Super Great Meat & Cheese Black Friday (and Saturday) Specials –

Off the Bone Ham – normally – $5.49 – now $3.29
Tavern Smoked Turkey – normally – $5.79 – now $ 3.49
Pan Roasted Turkey – normally – $5.89 – now $3.59
Sharp Cheddar Cheese – normally – $5.79 – now $3.49
Pepper Jack Cheese – normally – $4.99 – now $2.99
Colby Cheese – normally – $4.59 – $2.79
For freshness and great taste, we recommend using your deli meat within 7 days and your cheese within 14 days. The date it was cut will be on the label.

Holiday Open House – All the Details

Saturday, November 30th, 8-4 

Join us for a fun day full of samples, food and savings. There will be live Christmas music from 10:30 – 11:30.

*Check out our Christmas items: Christmas candy, mints, sprinkles, coffee, fudge, chocolates, dip mixes, no-refrigeration-needed meat and cheese, jams, jellies and many other items.

*Eat, drink and Merry Christmas: Free hot drinks, cookies and other samples.

*See our Christmas gift baskets: Preview them here and at the store. Take one home today. If you’d like to customize it just for you, order yours and receive a $5 gift certificate to spend however you’d like.
*Order your meat & cheese tray during the open house and we’ll give you a $5 gift certificate – just for you. Just let us know when you want the tray and what meat and/or cheese you’d like on it. It’s easy and you’ll love the taste. We have crackers or bread to go along with your meal.

Leona and Elaine have been very busy baking – so you don’t have too. Check our our fresh bakery items:  caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls, plain, Italian Parmesan or whole grain buns, and a few other delectable baked items. Just for Christmas, Leona has created her special candy cane cinnamon roll twist. Not only is it delicious, but it looks just like Christmas with red and green “berries”. (I’d have a picture of it for you, but when I went to take it, there was no memory card in the camera!)

*Sample, purchase and/or order our Danish Twists (very similar to Butterbraid). These delicious coffee-cake-twists are perfect for breakfast for you or your guests. Purchase one this week or order yours for a specific date.

*We have homemade, beautiful looking Christmas cookies made and baked here – just for you. Purchase a plate of Christmas cookies today or order yours to pick up at a later date. All freeze well and you’ll love the Christmas look they will bring to your party.

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