Donuts Day – 50¢ Homemade Donuts

Donuts Day at The Country Cupboard
Next Saturday, the 14th, is National Creme Filled Donut Day and we’re celebrating here at The Country Cupboard.
*Come try our four unique homemade fresh donuts:  Apple Pie, Peach à la mode, Cake Batter and Pumpkin Spice. Donuts are 50¢ each and will be served starting at 9 AM.
*Introducing our flavored local coffee. Starting Saturday, purchase a fresh hot cup of coffee every day or take some home to brew.
* GREAT savings on select items – 50% off on some turkey, off the bone hams and other deli meats. Look for our “donut” stickers on items through the store and save 25%.
*Sample our brand new baked goods!

Spread the word and bring your friends. It’s going to be a fun day at The Country Cupboard. Don’t miss it. The donuts are only available Saturday, the 14th.

We have some other excitement here, too!

You have been asking for a place to sit and now we have it. Indoor or outdoor, enjoy your sandwich, coffee or baked goods at our tables. Baked goods, you say? Yes, we have fresh baked yumminess here. Try our individual caramel rolls, chocolate chip cookies and whole grain buns. A variety of other sweet things are often available. Also, in the food line, we have frozen homemade meals. Try the turkey or pineapple ham roll ups. They serve 4-6 and are ready to eat in 60-70 min. Individual meals will be available in the future. All items are made here and baked here.

Ready for fall?

We are, too. Check out our NEW fall candy, suckers, pretzels, and sprinkles. Try our apple butter, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pecan butter, honey butter and cinnamon honey butter. We also have butter pecan syrup. Pumpkin spice syrup will be arriving soon.

Want to make our donuts?
While recipes will not be available until Saturday, I’ll let you on a little secret, these donuts are super easy to make. Make the donuts with flour and yeast like we will or make them with Pillsbury Grands Biscuits. Then to make them unique, choose your favorite fruit ez squeeze pie filling from The Country Cupboard. EZ Squeeze filling is not only for donuts. You can use it for fruit salads, pie filling, bread filling, and crepe filling. Serve over ice cream, pancakes, waffles or add it to your plain yogurt. One item – many uses. Plus it’s so economical and easy to use! We have cherry, red raspberry, lemon, cream cheese, apple, peach, and strawberry.

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