Have a GRAND weekend & celebrate our GRAND OPENING!

Join us for our GRAND OPENING this coming weekend! 

We’ve been open now for six weeks and it’s time to celebrate with our Grand Opening! Join us Friday, June 7th and Saturday June 8th for food, samples, sales and prizes. Our sandwiches will be $2 (normally $3.99). Sample our popcorn, dips, nuts and snacks. Check out our $1 bin and discounts through the store. Enter our drawing for a free reusable bag. Bring the kids and tell your family and friends. It should be a fun weekend for us and you!

More Local Items

Last week I mentioned that we have local produce and local free range eggs. I forgot to mention about Bane Family Meats, a local farm family offering beef, pork, turkey, lamb and chicken. There is no antibiotics, no hormones and no GMO feed in this meat. We have an assortment in our freezer. Come and check it out!

Do you love Butter Pecan?  

We have a Butter Pecan Drop mix perfect for brownies or cookies. The cookie recipe is on the bag. It’s a great blend of pecan pieces, butterscotch drops and white chocolate drops.
We also have Instant Butter Pecan pudding. Fast & yummy!

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