Local Produce, Local Eggs and Something Fish-y

New & New  – AGAIN 

We’re excited about new items again this week. Our new items are local items. They are so local, in fact, they come from right here in Fairbury.


Willow Woods Garden Wonders (Dave & Kara Blunier and family) are providing local home grown produce. Right now we have radishes, mixed greens, spinach, lettuce and lemon mint tea. They deliver every Tuesday.

Our brown eggs come from Cascade Poultry and Eggs (you may also know them as Cascade Gardens). No hormones, no antibiotics, and free range. These eggs sell for $3.45 per dozen.

Plan ahead to join us for our GRAND OPENING Friday & Saturday, June 7 & 8. Sample many of our products and enjoy our discounts. More details to follow.

Play & Eat 

Once a month, we will feature a fun, edible craft. Great for kids, great for adults. Play with your food, then eat. Yum!


Make Your Own Nemo Snack 

To make your own Nemo snacks, cut a dried apricot in half and stick a toothpick through it (this is your Nemo tail). Then add another apricot to the toothpick as the body.  Add stripes and an eye with your choice of frosting, white chocolate and
mini-chocolate chips.

All ingredients available at The Country Cupboard. Come and see our Nemo Snacks that we’ve made! 


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