Oh, Hello & Welcome!

We’re excited for this first edition of our e-newsletter. Every week you’ll find our weekly specials and featured items. We’ll try to include a recipe or two and we’ll share our new items with you.

Our history

We’ve been using bulk food stores all of our life as there was a handful of them near our house in Ohio. We went there for our meats, cheeses, spices, nuts, sprinkles, pie-fillings, gummies, and many other things. When our family moved to Illinois seven years ago, we missed having a store like this close by. Often when we went back to Ohio to visit family, we’d drop in at the bulk food store. One of the men there, Jake, would often joke that we should start our own in Illinois.

Fast forward several years, Dale was again looking for full-time work. God opened the door and with much research, time, prayer and work, the Country Cupboard began.


Our family & staff

You will mostly see the Dotterer family when you come to the Country Cupboard. Dale and Elaine are the owners. The rest of the family, Bonnie, Becky, Andy and daughter-in-law, Val have invested time and made this a family effort. Andy and Val have five children who love to come help. You’ll see them there, in their little aprons, bagging food, stocking shelves or ringing out customers. Dale will be there almost every day. If you have a special request for an item, he’s the one to talk too. Bonnie works out the technical kinks and helps out a couple of days. Leona (Don) Kaisner will make your sandwich, cut your meat or ring you out. Elaine and Becky still continue their jobs at OSF St. James in Pontiac, but fill in when needed.


Coconut oil, candy blox, muenster cheese and ______ are now back in stock.



What will you find at the Country Cupboard

Meats and cheeses in the deli, sliced for free.

Snacks – individual and family size bags

Flour, sugar, spices, chocolates, gummies, sprinkles, mixes, pasta, dips, candy, jams, jellies, salsa, pie-filling, honey, nuts, popcorn, beef sticks and coconut oil.

In the cooler – specialty cheeses, cheese curds, Trail bologna, butter and drinks

We have a great choice of Bane Family Meats. Natural…

Order “Your Personal Sandwich” – meat and cheese choices change often. Available all day. Have it warmed if you wish.



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8-5:30, Thursday 8-6, Saturday 8-4


Weekly Special

Spend $40 and get our reusable Country Cupboard bag for free! This large bag holds at least 30 pounds and can be used for so many reasons. It can also be purchased for $1.99. Offer is valid for this week only. Bring your own bag in any time and receive a 10¢ refund every time with your purchase.


Meat/cheese specials

Swiss Cut originally $5.99, now $4.99

Ham off the Bone, Honey Cured originally $5.39, now $4.89

Special offers from 4.29 to 5.4




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